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Managed over spare time, TDT3D (The Dream Team) was born in on November 5, 1999 !

The TDT3D website is an free, open and independant Belgium tailored 3D Magazine and Community for CG artists and designers around the world where quality, knowledge, learning, critics with amateurs and professionals are shared !

The technology behind TDT3D is 100% owner, it uses the PHP language, MySQL database and Apache server on a customised web server.


  1. Christopher Taylor : Forums moderator
  2. David Revoy : Help and contributor
  3. Emmanuel Famerée : Forums moderator and hardware
  4. Quentin Geluyckens : Forums moderator
  5. And of course a Big thanks U to All our active members and partners ! ;)


Site management:

  • Founder and chief editor
    Benoît Saint-Moulin
  • Editor and news
    Carole Demasy
  • Network administrator
    Philippe Marsigny
  • Help and Training courses
    Nicolas Vercruyssen

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In terms of visibility, TDT3D is the only bilingual dedicated website for 3D computer graphics artists, we have over 44K members with a majority from European and North American, French and English.


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  • This work is protected by the international laws on the royalty and the protection of the intellectual property.

  • The source code and the graphics of TDT3D of this site are © Benoit Saint-Moulin. The other parts are © by their respective authors.

    Portions codes :

    1. Akhilesh Singh : PHP classes
    2. Kallahar : Security fix
    3. Paul Puzyrev : Forum MiniBB
    4. Sylvain Brison : Captcha
    5. Stanga Razvan : PHP classes

  • The TDT3D forum is motorized by MiniBB forum software © 2001-2017.

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    The contents of the Web site, including the texts, publications, bulletins, articles, opinions, illustrations, images, multi-media preview,… as well as the choice and the information, are protected by the royalty and other laws from European community and foreign on the intellectual property. The use without authorization of the contents can infringement the laws on the royalty, trade marks, patents and others. You must preserve all the opinions of royalty and of property attached to the original contents on any reproduction of the contents.

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  • Limited guarantee and release of responsibility :
    The contents and the hyperlinks are offered “just as they are” to educational and informative ends only. Any opinion, council, article, publication, declaration, service, offer or another information or contents expressed or made available on this Web site or any Web site related to this one engages only their author and not TDT3D. TDT3D does not recognize any obligation to update the contents or to ensure the operation of the hyperlinks. This Web site can contain typographical errors. The contents and the hyperlinks can be modified without notice. TDT3D does not guarantee an access without interruption to the Web site or its services. In any case TDT3D, its conceding, suppliers of service Internet, shelterer (collectively, his “representatives”) will not be held responsible for some damage that it is direct, indirect, economic, commercial or different…

  • TDT3D contains forums, files spaces,… We are not responsible for the information published by the Net surfers on these spaces of discussion. The Net surfer is thus only responsible for the content of his information.

  • TDT3D declines all responsibilities being able to come from the use of the data or programs appearing in this site.

  • TDT3D reserves the right to remove deliberately and without notice all messages, files, images,… posted on one of these disk spaces which counters would come to the correct operation from the community or the law.

  • Confidentiality :
    Unless resorting to encoding, the Internet is not sedentary and the private character of the data cannot be assured. The email can be intercepted and counterfeits. TDT3D will not be responsible for any damage to you or a third party caused by the sending of confidential information to a third party by means of the bonds of email on this Web site. TDT3D is not responsible for errors or modifications to any sending by email. If you use the email on Internet, you assume the risks of them.

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    TDT3D takes measures in order to make sure that the contents and the hyperlinks on this Web site do not contain computer viruses, but you are responsible to take measurements of precaution which are essential : an antivirus software to detect the viruses, a firewall for the worms, the safeguard of the applicable contents of your computer,… we are not responsible for the damage or losses caused by the viruses, spam, towards data processing,…!

  • TDT3D is registered under the number : IDDN.BE.010.0104711.000.R.X.2005.035.42000

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